Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Continuing Education, Looking for Jobs, etc

I'm tired of talking about going to graduate school.

I keep wishing I had a masters, and missing school, so why am I holding out.

I have been making excuses about all of the little details that are required to get in. I also have put off applying because I couldn't choose a program.

Well, apparently the application deadline for the fall is April 1st at Hunter, and from my research, they have the best program choices, so I took it upon myself to start an application.

Last-minute, yes, but worth it, totally. Hunter doest require GRE or LAST (neither of which I have taken). One of the reasons I'd been putting off applying was that I had not taken them, but since they aren't required, I have no excuse.

I have chosen to apply for the adolescent literacy program, as my favorite part of planning lessons is literacy. Not to mention I have experience in adolescent literature and enjoy looking for ways to incorporate it into the classroom. People with literacy degrees can not only learn how to incorporate literacy into the classroom, but they can use it to be literacy specialists on a campus, a literacy consultant for various campuses, or a lieteracy tutor.

I am getting super excited about this next step, and I hope to stick with it. I hope it's not just my thought of the day. I need to do this for my sanity, and for my career.