Friday, May 6, 2011


My last post was about a Saturday
But it's been a while, and I think Friday's are more fun, so here goes.

I decided yesterday, for a number of undisclosed reasons, that it'd be okay if I deliberately took the day off from life. So, I did.

I tried to take the day off from my computer but it didn't quite work out HOWEVER I did succeed to turn off my phone at 11 last night and not turn it on again until 11 tonight.

I slept in. I made pancakes. I took a nap at 11 am.

I should do stuff like this stuff more often.

I took the R train to Bay Ridge, cuz it's my favorite. Got a mani-pedi, cuz it's cheap. Shopped at Ny and Co, but didn't buy anything. oh, and my love of hats was confirmed at Century 21. Amazing. Hats make me smile.

Watched The Hangover. Didn't think it was as funny as everyone else did. Won my first ever eBay auction and landed myself a #46 Jacoby Ellsbury jersey (event though he's #2 now- it was cheap, and i miss his old number).

Oh, and I forgot to mention that I ate lunch with some of my Summit kids. The joy of living across the street from their McDonalds. They are adorable, and funny, and apparently the new social studies teacher bores them. Figures.

Then there was this whole pleasant interaction with a postal worker because I needed to buy a butterfly stamp (which is the 64 cent stamp), and I wanted to buy some flower stamps but all they had available were classic Hollywood.

So like, little things, right. And my roommate is out so I have the place to myself. Little things.

Blessed. Blessed. Blessed.