Who I Am

I'm a proud New Orleanian currently living in New York City, where I've been taking long walks and navigating subway maps for four years. I'm a grad student at NYU (which is not as fancy as it sounds), studying social work. I love working with kids and teens, and being someone's personal advocate when they have no one else to speak for them. I love Jesus, a lot, and everything I do is somehow driven by his presence in my life. It's a pretty amazing relationship.

Other things:

  • I love football more than most guys do. Geaux Tigers, and WhoDat!
  • I walk anywhere I can
  • My goal is to one day move back to New Orleans and allow God to use  my gifts in the city I love most - but for now I know he has me here for a reason and I'm LOVING it. 
  • I enjoy community and good company, but I equally enjoy being alone in my room with ice cream and a book or movie - the conflict of these equally introverted and extroverted parts of my personality have created a bit of an identity crisis for me over the last few years
  • Purple and Green is my favorite color combo
  • I thoroughly enjoy good tea
  • I used to be a teacher, but I missed working with kids in smaller groups so I switched routes.
  • My deepest struggle is my seemingly eternal state of singleness - and I've only recently started talking about it with people who aren't in my close circles, in hopes that I can be an encouragement to others who struggle with the same thing, and vice versa
  • I take pictures of everything and have been doing it since before it was cool. I haven't left the house without a camera since 1998. 
  • I love dresses and skirts, particularly with bright colors and flowers, and I don't know how I ended up in a city that makes it really hard to wear them half of the year.
  • I'm a little bit obsessed with New Orleans music for so many reasons. I got to work for a record company back home this summer and got paid to go watch my favorite artists play while rubbing elbows with local royalty and Grammy winning rockstars (truth), and it was the coolest job ever. 

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Dara @ The Southern Thing said...

I'm so glad I just found your blog! I'm a fellow New Orleanian myself & LSU alum :) I'm currently living in New England now for grad school! What a small world this blogging land is!