Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back to the Grind

After a weekend in Boston, a night in Fenway Park, a flight home, a couple of days in New Orleans , a LONG DRIVE through Texas, a week in New Mexico, another LONG DRIVE through Texas, an overnight trip to Florida, and a couple more days in New Orleans, I am BACK.

I am in the BR for the homestretch, and am excited about what is to come of it all.  In less than a week, football season will be in full swing, and I will be in a day-in, day-out routine of getting up at 5am, getting home at 4, and enjoying 7th grade gifted students and all that entails.  

I'm pretty excited about this coming semester.  I found some old books from my US Colonial-1865 class, along with some history books I read for fun from that same period.  I FINALLY have my room set up, and, after numerous trips to the Apple store to drool, I got the new computer I've been dreaming of.  

This semester is going to be challenging.  In the week I've been in Baton Rouge, I've already faced some minor setbacks that lead me to believe the upcoming few months will be full of them.  I took a couple of weeks off of running when I got back into the South, and as soon as I started back, something odd happened with my foot (possibly a pulled muscle?) and I've been unable to do so since.  I think my foot is getting better, but I'm gonna stick with the bike until I know.  This has caused a "swelling" of my legs and waist to a point that I have not been familiar with for a LONG time.  

So tomorrow, it all starts, and Tuesday, I am in the classroom for good.  The future is here, and I'm pretty excited about it.  

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