Thursday, July 14, 2011

Hey Fighting Tigers

As I was before the 2007 season, I am super primed up for football season (and well all know what happened then). The following link explains why:

That year, I argued that we were preseason #2, we had a tough schedule, and if we got through it, we were guaranteed a spot in the BCS game. We got through, barely, with two losses, but we won. This year, I've been arguing superstition about always playing in the BCS game when it's in New Orleans. I argue tough schedule like last time as well, only with a #4 ranking this time around. Let me explain.

1. Oregon
2. Oklahoma
3. Alabama
5. Stanford
6. Boise State
7. Oklahoma State
8. South Carolina
9. Texas A&M
10. Wisconsin
11. Notre Dame
12. Ohio State
13. Florida State
14. TCU
15. Michigan State
16. Penn State
17. Virginia Tech
18. Nebraska
19. Missouri
20. Mississippi State
21. Arkansas
22. Florida
23. Auburn
24. West Virginia
25. Miami

Now, that MIGHT be the most obscure top 10 of all time, but we start the season playing #1, we can make that work. Then, we have to play two more top ten teams over the course of the season. NOT TO MENTION the five, count 'em FIVE other top 25 teams we must beat. If we can knock out Oregon in that first game and set ourselves up for greatness, we are guaranteed a spot.

I'm not gonna lie, I really wish I was in grad school at LSU for this. I'd be at every game just like 2007. But I guess we all gotta grow up at some point.

Plus, a National Championship in New Orleans for the third time in a row. We own that place. Lets make it happen.

Geaux Tigers.

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