Friday, September 14, 2007

subway love

I miss the subways.

I don't miss subway changes, or express trains running local, but I miss the opportunity to have fifteen to twenty minutes each day (and many times more), where I could think about what it is excatly God is trying to teach me.

My favorite lesson ever learned on the subway is this:

In New York City you come across all diferent kinds of people. Fat people, short people, Asian people, Europeans, tourists, impoverished people, kids, etc... I used to get on the subway and look at all of these people and think nothing of them. Occasionaly even, someone would get on and my first thought would be "Wow, I feel sorry for them"(said in my head with a tone of attitude). Then one day, God reminded me that he made each of these people. No matter what they looked like, or where they came from, he thought them out, every last detail about the way the looked, or where they'd be born. From that point on, I saw the people on the subways differently.

Upon returning to Louisiana, I have not had this mentality, but God reminded me of it, and my goal is to think this way of the people I come into contact with here.

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