Sunday, September 7, 2008

And Still, I sit

Friday morning, I woke up having never seen Josh Beckett in person.  Friday night, I went to bed having been only feet away from him a few hours earlier.

First thing Friday morning, KenyB and I drove to Dallas, and I convinced him to park his car so we could take the train into the city.  I hate to go to a big city without experiencing their public transportation systems (it's just one of my things).  Kenneth of course, hated this idea, but somehow he got by.  

Upon our arrival in the downtown are, we went directly to the only tourist attraction in the DFW area I've ever cared to see: Dealy Plaza.  Now forty-seven years ago, Dealy Plaza would have been just another park in a big city, but now, it is the site of one of my favorite historical events to study: The Kennedy Assassination.  For those who know me well, you know that I am ALL ABOUT Cold War America when it comes to history, so this was one of those places I absolutely had to visit.  

From there, we met up with Justin and fought traffic all the way up until fifteen minutes before gametime, when we FINALLY made it to The Ballpark at Arlington.  I then got the chance to see my favorite team for the second time this summer, only this time Beckett was pitching and we actually won!

Anyway, I am now back in the BR and it is a sad town.  Trees and power lines are down EVERYWHERE.  Some of my friends are not expected to have power for at least another TWENTY days, yes, twenty.  I feel very blessed to be in the part of town with underground power, and no trees in my yard.  As a result of this EBR Schools are cancelled until the 15th, and teachers don't have to report until the 10th, so I am taking in a couple of more days off.  Maybe I'll get around to organizing my room finally...  

I had a great run this morning, and I was once again reminded of just how much I love to run down the levee on a warm day.  I feel so fortunate to have grown up on the banks of the Mississippi, and to have had the chance to admire it every day.  It is one of the things I will miss most when I move for good.  For now, I'm going to enjoy my next few days off with a little extra running and biking time.  

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