Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Gustavin' It

School has been cancelled all week, and I have found myself missing early mornings and colonial America.

I've spent the last four days in Shreveport and Ruston with my favorite family aside from my own.  Laura and I have had a great time catching up (even if KTBS does take up most of her time), and we've enjoyed great movies and well-overdue bonding time.  Friday night, Kenneth and I are driving to Arlington to hang out with Justin Wooley for the night, and watch the Red Sox inch themselves closer to leading the division under the pitching skills of a returning Josh Beckett.  This, of course, I am pretty stoked about. 

Unfortunately, due to the wrath Gustav incurred upon my beloved campus and city, there is no Saturday Night Football in Tiger Stadium this week.  I am hoping, however, that upon my return to the BR, the electricity at everyone's houses will be fully restored and we will be able to reunite while watching other teams play in HD.  

The prayer is that East Baton Rouge Parish Schools will be back in session on Monday, so I can be back into routine, and so my graduation isn't delayed or anything....

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