Friday, November 6, 2009

Some Fish and some Loaves of Bread...

I love watching the Lord provide, and sometimes, I don't even see where his provision comes from, therefore, I KNOW it is him, which is cool.

Basically, I somehow managed to pay my rent for November, and eat the entire month of October, and buy a metro card, and go home, and take off three days of work, and not do ANY outside work, or get any random checks from Jefferson Parish, and pay for fingerprinting with the DOE, among many other things. NOT TO MENTION, my job alone, if working all of my shifts 100%, doesn't even cover rent + metrocard by itself (so basically, I've never survived without outside jobs or help), but, SOMEHOW, I only had to borrow $100 to cover the rent at the beginning of the month. I've looked over and over and over at it, and I still have absolutely no idea how I managed to pay for anything. but I lived comfortably this month and am completely amazed at how this happened!

It's kinda like that whole "Feeding the 5000" story. The Lord has managed to stretch out resources so they somehow seem to go much farther than they appear to be able to. Cool stuff.

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