Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring has [almost] sprung: My favorite things

Today is technically the first day of spring. I wish someone would tell the NYC weather that.  It is supposed to snow AGAIN tomorrow. I'm over it. That said, I'm headed home to New Orleans next week for a few days, where it's already been springy for a bit, and I expect to return to a full-on flowery April in the Big Apple. This cold misery is ALMOST over (what was I thinking moving north of the Mason-Dixon line again?)

In honor of the first day of the season in which I was born, I am linking up with a group of ladies who have decided to celebrate by listing their favorite Spring things. Joyeux Printemps, mes amis!

The first few items are, naturally, Louisiana items - because they hold the most nostalgia to my spring-loving soul. 

My most favorite of all favorite spring things is most definitely snoballs. And not snow cones or any of that other junk everyone who doesn't live in South Louisiana eats, I mean a legit SNOBALL, preferably strawberry with condensed milk, but I also have others I rotate in. I consider myself to be a bit of a snoball connoisseur, and am quite snobby about it. it's one of my things. First place I ever rode my bike when my parents told me I was allowed to venture out of our neighborhood?  Snoball stand. First place I drove when I got my license? Snoball stand. I sincerely hope to open one someday as a job-training program for teenagers. I'm hoping to get my fix of snoball awesome in the four days I'm home next week - it may be my only chance for a while :( 


The following picture explains itself. 

LSU NYC Annual Alumni Crawfish Boil in Riverside Park

What goes best with crawfish? 
For realz.

Speaking of strawberries..... 
Roadside fruit stands, anyone? 

(Last year on a trip home Wal Mart was out of strawberries... but they had stocked the strawberry area in the produce section with Abita Strawbery to replace it. South Louisiana, ya'll). 


The rest are things I typically love no matter where I am:


NY Botanical Garden Orchid Show 

Tulips in Tompkins Square

Brooklyn Botanical Garden Cherry Blossom Festival


Me and Heaven with Andy Pettit in the Yankee Clubhouse

Me and Caleb at Citi Field - my preferred NY Stadium

Outside Fenway - one of my happy places :) - I try to go at least once/year

Easter Candy!! 

I raided the Economy Candy Store for this.
Flower Dresses and Floppy Hats!!
Gracie and I at Sunday Lunch.

NYC Street Festivals!
Graffit at Loisida Fest on Avenue C

And Of course, My Birthday!! 
Daniel brougth me a cupcake for my birthday last year! I have good kids. 

Elephant and Piggy - one of my fave gifts ever from my Jersey Brother :)
Purple and Gold Birthday Flowers from my pastor and his wife.
Looking forward to seeing all of the adventures Spring 2013 has in store!!

Mrs. Monologues


Krystal said...

Thanks for linking up! I want to host a crawfish boil so BADLY at my new home!! I think it would be so fun!

Rachel said...

Love all the flowers! I have never tried crawfish but I've always wanted to! Thanks for linking up with us!

ThistleAshD said...

you go girl! and I just saw you have a button. Soooo adding it to my blog!

Nichole said...

Loving your spring faves! I have never been to a crawfish boil and have always wanted to! Thanks for linking up. Happy Spring :)

Amanda* said...

mmmm! Crawfish!!! Thanks for linking up!!!

Amie said...

Can't wait for fresh strawberries to be in season! yumm so soon!

Found you from NE bloggers-- hello from a fellow New Yorker :)