Thursday, March 14, 2013

An Inconvenient Thanks

This is the first time I've ever tried "linking up" with other blogs, but since I'm in the process of repurposing my writing, I thought this would be a good start.

I live thankful (see here), but it's always nice to take a day to recognize something, or things, specific.

My Injured Foot :( 
I recently went through a lull in which I lost my ability to recognize all of my blessings, and God used this time to mold me a LOT, and he's still working out some kinks that got built up during that time, so today, I'm thankful for inconveniences.

From having my car broken into in Oklahoma City early in the year, to cutting my foot on a stray floorboard nail, I feel as though each day I'm waking up to many unusual inconveniences.  I was getting pretty bitter about it, and I was letting that steal away my joy.  I've been coming out of this funk despite no change in the pattern, but today God really used this to speak to me.

Last night my hot water went out (again) which meant it needed several hours to reboot, so I had to rearrange my morning schedule so I could get up early and shower, then I ended up sleeping fifteen minutes LATER than usual. Not exactly how I thought I'd start my day.

Then, after having to chase a bus an entire avenue block because it had left my stop a minute ahead of schedule, I began to reflect on the JOY that is inconvenience. I couldn't help but laugh through my annoyances.  I challenged myself to note one small blessing for each inconvenience - for each time I lose my umbrella on a rainy day I want to recognize the kindness of the hospital receptionist who gave me a napkin to dry my face.

I feel like God wanted to show me that love does not come easy, and though his love for me is unconditional, I have to be equally willing to put effort into that relationship. I may be showered with blessings, and I may be immensely thankful for them, but maybe he's trying to help me recognize that real-life love doesn't always work that way. When we love people, we can't only love them when the do great things for us, we also need to love them when we're drained. God never stops loving me and blessing me, and I was allowing myself to just let the blessings pour out while I went about my every-day life, but never STOPPING to take a breath and just enjoy it. These minor challenges are forcing me to step back and just praise God for how the good in my life far outweighs the bad, and for that, I am incredibly thankful.

Loved and Lovely

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ThistleAshD said...

oh my friend- so good! I never thought about how the inconveniences of feeling 'unblessed' is part of a real relationship when you love when its hard- but that is so true! I love your blog so much- love to have you writing more :)