Sunday, December 14, 2008

City Love

I am once again, in New York, and wish I could be here for good.

I am in love with my church, and all of the things they do in the name of Jesus to reach the people of New York for him.  I am, as always, humbled by them.  

I came up with no plan, no places specifically to go, and I am loving the results.  I went to Connecticut for two days, and spent some time relaxing with the families who took me in this summer.  I forever thankful for those people in my life.  God has blessed me so much with families and friends all over this area, and their value in my life is indescribable.  For the two-and-a-half hour bus ride home, I relaxed and took in everything that was going on around me with some much needed thinking and prayer time.  I got a chance to refocus and prepare for the week ahead.  I haven't felt that blissful and relaxed in a while.  I-pod + warm scarf + sunset over New York City = a beautiful way to spend the afternoon. 

I came back from Connecticut, and immediately went to the Bowery to greet the LSU mission team, and to have dinner with them.  I have been pretty much nonstop since then.  After church today, we went ice skating with the youth, and I got to chaperone.  I cannot express the joy I get out of spending time with those youth, even if it gets to be stressful at times.  After wrangling them all up at the end of the night, we went back to Graffiti, waited around for parents, and then decided to go debrief.  So Christopher, the youth minister, and I, went to the Strand bookstore and enjoyed browsing one of New York's greatest shopping treasures - 18 miles of books.  We also explored the Union Square Holiday Market.  These are the kinds of days I look forward to whenever I am not here.  

I have no doubt, that even with no plans, the rest of my week will turn out just as eventful. 

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