Thursday, November 6, 2008

Nearing the End

So I've skipped several weeks in my attempt to keep the world, or the two people who read this, updated on what is going on with my student-teaching.  Not that you are all desperately concerned, but I'd like to think that my effort to procrastinate will help you in yours.

I can't say that I've thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  Though my kids are WONDERFUL, I have just now, three weeks before the end, begun to feel like I am prepared for the day when I show up.  I used to wake up each morning with a queasy feeling that wouldn't go away until I knew I had done everything right and the day would go smoothly.  Then, if ANYTHING at all would happen to make me think otherwise, the rest of my day would be ruined.  

I am ready for a classroom of my own.  One where, if I screw up, the only one who has to know about it is me.  I have become an expert at covering up screw-ups over the years.  I have also learned many ways to prevent said screw-ups from happening, and the past week has felt like a whole new ball game.  

As ready as I will be for an escape from Westdale Jail, and live in the grande beauty of the NOLA again, I am going to miss those kids like crazy.  They have been amazing!  I teach the most wonderful 7th graders.  Every day, their sweet faces warm my heart no matter how rough things are.  As easy as it will be to leave, it will be equally hard to leave those kids :)  

I am truly blessed, even when I feel stressed... 

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