Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Welcome to the real world," she said to me, condescendingly

I have two job interviews tomorrow.

That's right, two.

I also got a call from a school in LaPlace that wants me to teach Reading, but that's going to probably be a no.  

So yes, this whole "real world" thing is starting to hit me.  I feel completely unprepared for what is to come. I am also facing the fact that I will have to decide between multiple options should a job offer actually arise.  I got three calls in two hours, so I am pretty sure that they can't be all that I will hear from.  

So, lets just say my interview with St. Cletus goes well and they offer me a job.  GREAT.  Working right down the street, what could be more convenient?  But the thing is, they don't pay very well, being a Catholic school and all.  What happens if I accept their offer, then two days later get a call from Jefferson Parish or Plaquemines Parish and THEY want to interview me and offer me a job.  What then?  Both of them pay about 10,000 dollars more per year than St. Cletus.  That's A LOT of money to turn down, especially when I am trying to save up to move to NYC.  

So yeah, please be in prayer as I face these sorts of decisions.  This is the real world, and it's scary and big and exciting and fun all at the same time.  

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