Friday, June 19, 2009

"Rain Sensitive"

I am one of those people who gets sad when it rains.

I can try not to, but it just doesn't work. 

On days where there is a constant rain, I have a hard time getting myself off the couch to do just about anything.  Then I get sad and lonely and girly and emotional.  

I like the sunshine.  It fits my personality better. 

Yesterday was a long, unproductive day.  It was one of those days that almost feels wasted, as though time was actually taken from me. 

I took several naps, I went to Atlantic Terminal for a little while, shopped in a daze, had ice cream with Chris (though I was in a cloud so I don't recall much about our conversation), came home, watched When Harry Met Sally, got dinner from 67 Burger, watched seven episodes of Friends, ate some super fattening New York Super Fudge Chunk ice cream, and went to bed. 

Sometimes I think of those days a blissful and relaxing.  Yesterday, it just felt downright depressing.  

Thankfully, the weather is much better today, so I can actually go run.  A good run always kick starts my day a little better.  PLUS, there's more LSU baseball today (though I don't know where I'm watching it), and tonight I'm going to Brooklyn Tabernacle with the semi-roommates and some other friends.  There's supposed to be Junior's cheesecake involved in that outing... 

Better Than Ezra is playing near Union Square tonight, and I would LOVE to see them, but since my concert-partner (Jessica), is like, 1500 miles from here, and I haven't yet found a New York concert buddy, I'm gonna miss out :(  

Nonetheless, today seems like a much better, brighter day.  Birds are chirping.  I think that's a good sign. 

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