Monday, June 8, 2009

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn

I've been enjoying the heck out of Chelsea's neighborhood.  It smells of history.  The trees are GORGEOUS, yes, trees, and lots of them.

Just this morning, I got a chance to go for a nice long run (only the second time since I've been here.  I'm slacking, I know).  I ran down Fulton Street, and up Flatbush to the Manhattan bridge, which I wanted to cross, but I wasn't sure I had the time.  I circled back through downtown Brooklyn, and thought of all of the interesting things that go on there. Upon my return trip, I got a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge with the Financial District in the background, an I thanked God for allowing me to live here.  

Apartment hunting has been a beast, but yesterday, I think I found a place.  I've been pretty set upon staying in the Fort Greene/Park Slope/Clinton Hill vicinity, but I expanded my search options to Williamsburg, and I got a winner.  I found this place on the Redeemer website (it's a church website that also has classifieds), and it's almost perfect.  The girls seem really nice, and its a great community lifestyle.  They have a houseful of guy friends right down the street.  The rooms I saw were great (one is more expensive but its HUGE, and its probably the one I will end up with since the smaller cheaper one may be taken), and the neighborhood is perfect.  The best part is, I'm only three L stops from church if I live there.  That's right, THREE stops.  It takes all of fifteen minutes, walking time included, to get to Graffiti.  

I am praying about it to make sure it's the right place for me, but I'm thinking it may be home.  I always bring Chris along to feel out the neighborhood and to make sure that I'm getting a good feel for the people, and this was the first time that we both agreed that this was a good place (well, most of the time we both agreed it wasn't).  I also had a strange "we know people that know the same people" moment with the people that lived there, which was kinda crazy.  I'm thinking this may be the place, I just have to give God time to let me know.  

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