Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Back in the Groove

Yesterday I interviewed for another job, and basically, they didn't even ask any questions, they just offered it to me.  I quickly accepted.

It is seasonal work, but it could also lead to some tutoring positions in the near future.  I'll be working for a government-funded academic agency as a Field Representative.  What this means is that I'll be going to school fairs and expos and such trying to recruit clients for the company.  I get paid per fair, and per client.  They do free tutoring (but they pay the tutors), and so recruiting clients shouldn't be too difficult.  The lady I spoke with told me she would put me down as being interested in tutoring as well, so that when they start hiring on new tutors, I could possibly join that team.  

The cool thing about this job is that it gets my foot into the door at schools, literally.  I'll be interacting with teachers, parent coordinators, principals, etc...  That's a big deal.  Praise the Lord. 

Though that seems like it would be yesterday's biggest event, it was not.  The whole experience, including round-trip transportation and the interview, took less than an hour of my day.  What yesterday REALLY revolved around was the first day of this semester's Graffiti After School Program.  We've been waiting a long time for this to get going.  I cannot even explain how much I've missed seeing those kids each day.  

One of them came in very winded and threw her arms around each of us and said, "I was so excited, I ran up the stairs to see you guys, and I am out of breath."  That made my day. 

Things went very well.  They were all super hyper, but it was mostly because they were so excited to be there, which really made my heart happy :)  We got a couple of new kids, but most of them were back from last year.  We're going to be revolving all of our Bible studies and devotions this semester about what it means to be a disciple of Christ.  This goes for all programs.  My prayer is that the Lord can use us to speak to them and to help them grow, while we grow ourselves.  

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