Thursday, September 17, 2009


The Lord has provided once again.

Not only did he, for the third time since my decision to move, provide me with an unexpected paycheck, he has also been providing ample opportunities for me to earn money. 

I am working full-time at Barnes and Noble, and through this, will be receiving benefits in the near future.  I love my job, and though it doesn't pay well enough for me to live on that income alone, it is enjoyable.  

I have been networking with fellow LSU alumn at the game-watching parties, and through that, I've been working like crazy for one of them this week.  It's been a great source of extra income for the time being.  

I also got a call from another agency through which I can get tutoring clients.  I'm hoping this picks up soon and I can get started on that job.  That's the one that's going to bring home the bacon. 

Having a busy schedule has been great for me mental health.  I was going insane sitting around with nothing to do.  Always having something on my plate keeps me levelheaded.  It's like the same thrill I get after a long run.  Exhaustion fuels me.  

Keep the prayers coming.  They have been paying off.  I'm in no one 100% financially stable, but at least I know I can pay one more month's rent.  At this point, that's what matters most. 

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