Monday, September 28, 2009


The new semester is in full-force now.  This week we kick of Connections on Wednesday nights, which will be yet another opportunity we have during the week to reach students.

We've decided that our theme for the semester will be Discipleship.  We're talking about what it means to be a disciple, how we can become disciples, who are disciples we can look up to, etc...  This goes for Sunday small groups, after school program, and Wednesday nights.  

Of course, in the process of planning lessons and praying about what to teach these kids, I'm learning more and more about being a disciple myself, and it's been great.  The Lord has helped me to translate these thoughts in ways that the kids can understand, and I have to say, that is 100% NOT my doing, it's all him.  Random stories and examples pop into my head, and I cannot thank him enough for them. 

Yesterday in small group we talked about how much I love my job, to the point in which I go above and beyond to do my best.  I do this because it is something I'm passionate about, and because I know that the more I put into it, the more my  managers will appreciate my being there, and they will be on my side when needed.  I got a call the other day from the 86th street Barnes and Noble, who said they had talked to Baton Rouge and they desperately wanted me in their store because, apparently, BR gave me raving reviews (something I'd heard from Brooklyn as well....).  This only happened because I had done my job to the absolute best of my abilities when I was in BR.  I am doing the same in Brooklyn, and already, it pays off.  I can tell I've won favor with those above me in the rankings.  This could lead to a number of things like additional hours, lead positions, etc... I love my job and don't feel like I'm going above and beyond simply for these reasons, I do it because I love it, not for recognition. 

That said, there are people who get paid the same as me, and do just enough to get by and keep their job.  I could just as easily do that, and be fine, and no one would care, but I am passionate about what I do, so I do more.  

This is how we should be with Christ.  We could easily go through the motions and do the basics, but there is such joy in knowing you're serving him to the fullest capacity humanly possible.  This is how true discipleship works.  To want to go above and beyond.  To want to serve as best as possible.  To want to learn more and do more.  This is the theme I'm trying to relate to the students.  I just hope I can relate it well. 

My prayer is that Chris and I have the wisdom to teach these students this concept in a way that they will embrace it, and go with it.  I pray they will have open hearts, and that they will come wanting to learn more.  

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