Thursday, May 2, 2013

My life in 250 words (ish)

I was born in Uptown New Orleans, about a mile from the Superdome (and am convinced this somehow means my blood is actually black and gold) and blocks from the neighborhood in which I hope to someday settle down. I lived in suburbia for most of my life and always felt a little left out. After 18 years of trying to be someone I wasn’t, I moved to Baton Rouge for college, where I spent 4.5 years watching football, laughing with the greatest friends, wearing lots of purple, and reconnecting with Jesus. My college adventures led me to mission opportunities in New York City and New England. I realized I’d never quite felt right in suburbia because my heart breathes city – and that made me love God even more, as I recognized the uniqueness of the ways he’s wired each one of us to fit into his plan. How amazing is that??  So four years ago, I packed up and moved to New York where he’s been breaking me down and building me back up ever since. Currently I’m a grad student in social work at NYU, with a passion for helping teenagers and kids with disciplinary problems.  I’d love to end up back home in New Orleans before I have kids of my own someday – because I couldn’t be more grateful for being brought up in such a unique part of the country and want to pay it forward. That said, my kids will live in the CITY. Laissez les bons temps rouler. 

*** I wrote this post as a part of challenge (linked below), to blog every day in May.  I caught it a day late, so this is actually yesterday's post - but I'll catch up with a second post soon :) ****

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