Sunday, June 10, 2007

Man I Miss Purple and Gold

Yesterday, I was sitting in my room bored. Having the day off in New York can be boring when all of your friends live in Queens and you can't find anything you feel like doing by yourself. So after playing on Ruckus (the poor college kid's world of free music), and doing laundry (that's SEVEN flights down from me- in the basement, once agian, with no elevator), I decided to head up to the LSUNY Alumni Association Crawfish boil to see if they'd give me a student discount (which they did). Purple and Gold baloons in Riverside Park is almost too much awesomeness for me to handle (Riverside Park happens to be my favorite place in the world outside of Tiger Stadium). It was great to be around Louisiana people all day, eat some jambalya, and listen to some southern fried music, but I didn't know anyone there, and none of the important people (Les Miles, Sean Okeefe, etc...) who showed up last year decided to come this year. I did find out that Zapps chips are available at Dean and Delucca (at a whopping THREE BUCKS a bag- yikes!), and that "Dirty Chips" are kosher Zapps that can be found at multiple locations (basically Zapps in disguise, made by the same people, minus the nifty cajun flavors).

Today I went to church and left with a new friend to hang out with in the city which made me happy. After getting home, hanging out in the room for a little while, and taking a nap, I decided to go to Central Park and try to hunt down Patrick Dempsy- who my friends saw shooting a movie there the other day. Unfortunately, no movie. Just about the only thing going on in Central Park today was the mass exodus of people leaving the Peurto Rican Day Parade, which was happening on Fifth Avenue. I was stopped on my way home by some people who tried to convince me that there is both a male and a female God. They claimed we have a heavenly "mother," and who like a bride comes out last at a wedding, she will come into flesh in the "end times," which are apparently now. Lots of holes in their argument, so I nodded along, told them my point of view, and moved on. Strange day.

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