Sunday, June 24, 2007

We Made it Through the Night

Friday morning I did something I never do.

I went to bed without setting an alarm.

The idea was I was going to let myself sleep until my body woke me up. Seeing as how I love mornings, this was a tough decision, but I knew that facing me was an event that would require every bit of energy I could conjure up: the youth lock-in at Graffiti.

Since my body wakes me up super early, I had to make myself go back to sleep a couple of times. Finally, at about ten oclock, I got up and went to brunch with Ema. She and I hadn't had a chance to hang out and talk in a while, so since we were both taking the morning off, we decided to take advantage of the time. We had been talking about going to Max Brenner: Chocolate by the Bald Man, for a very long time, and let me just say, I could go there for brunch every week if I had the money. I started off with dark hot chocolate in a "hug mug," which is a mug specially designed for cupping with both hands. I then had tutti fruity waffles: waffles with chocolate syrup, piled with fresh blueberries and strawberries, with a vial of extra hot fudge sauce, toffe-bannanas, and whipped cream on the side. Can you say amazing? And for dessert (as if I needed a dessert), I got a slice of chocolate pizza. Not only is this place full of chocolate, but the music and lighting are very inviting, it's really an experience. If ever I am in New York with you, I will take you there since it is now my favorite place.

I didn't want to do anything that required energy, so I spent most of the rest of the day lounging in the windown of the Union Square Barnes and Noble with a few books about architecture, famous murders, bridges, etc.... the kinda stuff that I am amused by, but can be flipped through. Then I made my way down to SoHo in search of Tabasco Chips. It was a half success, I did find Zapps potato chips, Creole Tomato Tabasco was not one of the flavor choices. Sad times.

I soon made my way back to the association to change into something super comfortable and meet up with Ema again to head to Graffiti. This was the start of an AMAZING night.

We ended up with several girls, and three boys (which proportionatly worked out worker-wise since we only had one guy to help us). I had SOOOOOOO much fun I can't even describe. We began the night with a city-wide scavenger hunt. The girls toted us around with them to find all of their items. Things like "make a hot dog vendor smile," "become friends with a horse and buggy," "make and exchange in front of the exchange," "build a pyramid-bonus if you involve a new friend," "get something free from a food establishment," "sit on a bench at Herald's square," etc.... Talk about fun!!!!! These girls are a blast. Most of our group was about 13 or 14, which has recently become my favorite age. I really bonded with some of them, and I hope to see the ones who don't normally come to church come back around over the summer.

For the rest of the night, we played lots of games. My team didn't win a single one, but we had alot of fun trying! They were really good sports about it. We watched a Nooma video and had a short small group time, and then we watched The Others because Lorie determined it was a clean scary movie- which is true. After fighting off sleep, we made it all the way to 6, at which time we hurried the kids home so we could hurry home and go to bed. I slept until 2.

The rest of the day was enjoy New York while waiting for loads of laundry to finish so I wouldn't have to go up and down those six flights of stairs each time my clothes were done. I had a sandwich in the park, went to Barnes and Noble on 81st, went to F.A.O. Scwartz and Dylans Candy Bar, etc... I went home, watched Fried Green Tomatoes on Netflix, which I am now a member of, and went to bed at a decent hour.

Today after church I went to Queens to where everyone else lives. Kyle, Charlotte, and I went to the park down the street which I have heard them say a thousand times they were going to visit, and explored the woods, yes, the woods. There is a wildlife reserve in their neighborhood, and when you are in it, it feels more like Mississippi than New York City. It was sooooo nice. For the first time in weeks I was in a place where not a building could be seen.

I then hung out there for a while. Theresa brought home KFC, and we watched Zoolander, which I had been having the urge to watch often lately. It was a very good and relaxing day. I am now fully recovered from my thrown-off sleep pattern night.

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