Saturday, June 16, 2007

Remembering That I Love this Place

For a short while, I had forgotten just how much I love New York. I'd been bored and lonely and missing home. It's like New Orleans. I go through phases where I'm bored with the place in which I live, and it takes some fun times to remind me why it is I adore the place so much.

Thursday nigth we went out to Washington Square Park and the NYU student center to relax and enjoy the city. In the park, for a moment I thought I was back home. This jazz band was playing, a crowd was gathering, and it felt like I was in the Plaza across from Jackson Square (and as it turns out, one of my friends who lives in NYC full time said that last time she was in New Orleans, she saw the percussionist guy from this band playing on the street down there). We then went up to an 8th floor lounge to get a killer view of the city and talked until they were telling us we had to leave. I realized how much I adore these people, and how much I adore the New York skyline from any angle.

Yesterday, I woke up really early to go to see Brad Paisley play in the Good Morning America Concert Series in Bryant Park. Seeing as how New York is not exactly loaded with contry music fans, there weren't that many people there. After the show, he let the fans just walk up to the stage and signed autographs. So I have now met one of my favorite country stars!!!! What a great way to kick off the weekend.

I rushed back home because for the rest of the day, we helped Ema move to Queens, which ended up being an adventure. The move went very smoothly, dispite having to get rid of her favorite chair because it wouldnt fit up the stairs. Theresa, who has become our mother-figure in the city, had lunch prepared for us on the other side of Queens. All but me and two other graffiti missionaries, live in Theresa's house. All of the people I was with lived there. We mapped out a route since there are practically no cross-town subways in Queens, and after figuring out we had to walk from one station to another then transfer twice, we got on our way. Little did we know we'd end up waiting at one station for thirty minutes before realizing the train we needed doesn't run middays, and that the train we finally decided to get on was not stopping at the stop we needed it to. About two and a half hours later, we arrived safely at Theresa's house and were welcomed by a table that was quite nicely set up with sandwiches, cookies, chips, fruit, etc... It was like a little party. I felt very at home.

These are the kinds of things I've needed in my life since I've been here, and the past weekend has been full of them.

Today I woke up to find out that the floor where my shower is located was locked, so my day started a little later than planned because I had to wait for the door to be opend for me. I left the house at about one oclock en route to Brooklyn. Brooklyn is my favorite NY Borough, and I hadn't been there yet since I've been here. I needed to go to Target, so I made Brooklyn my destination for today. I went down to the financial district, grabbed lunch at a deli, and made my way to my bridge. It was definitely the most crowded I've ever seen it, but I've never walked it on a Saturday afternoon before. I then went to Brooklyn Heights, which is said by some to be the most beautiful neighborhood in New York City, and I must agree. It's so peaceful. It feels almost like a little Southern city, plus it provides a great view of Manhattan. After going to Target, attempting to make my way out to hang out with the others in Queens, and realizing it was probably best that I come home, I hopped on the 3 and made my way back to the Upper West Side.

I definitely needed these past few days, and man am I glad I have them.

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