Wednesday, July 11, 2007

GASP, and Bobby

Yesterday I helped out with the Graffiti Afternoon Summer Program at church. Kyle was short one person to help with the 4-6 graders, so I was recruited to join the team. It was a pretty fun day, lots of Guitar Hero. During devotion, one of the kids asked "Why do they always say that God was Jesus's father?" to which we responded, "Because he was." (what else would be the explanation?) She then proceeded to say "No, Joseph was his father." We had to explain that Joseph was sort of an "adopted" father, which lead to some kids mumbling "No, he was his stepfather," etc... Interesting to see the kinds of things kids ask and are willing to argue about.

Today was very slow. I didn't have much work to do at all, I just made a few phone calls, sent some e-mails, etc... Peter said his office (which is the office I work out of), was too hot and he didn't want to make me come up there unless he had something he really needed me to do, so he told me to call it a day pretty early. I met with Ema for a little while. We've been reading this great book about all of the basic Christian beliefs we should know and understand, and then discussing it once a week.

I went to the Manhattan Mall for the first time today, only to discover that there is a Steve and Barry's there, and that it is as cheap and wonderful as I've heard. I bought an LSU shirt for eight dollars, and a nice one at that. After shopping for a little while, I came home, cooked a pop-tart for dinner, and watched Bobby. If you have not yet seen this movie, and are at all interested in history circa 1968, take the time to watch it, it's fabulous. 1968 just so happens to be one of my favorite years, but that is part of the nerdy side of me coming out. I absolutely loved it, and will probably buy it when I get home. There's something about that whole late-sixties cold-war-era that gets me every time.

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