Sunday, July 1, 2007

So much has happened, but I'll tell you about most of it later.

I have been so incredibly busy these past few days that I haven't gotten a chance to update you on what's been going on! The upside to this is that one of the reasons I haven't been able to sit down and type about all of these occurences is the fact that I no longer live in an office, and as a result, do not yet have internet in the new place.

Yes, no more room with no view, no bathroom, no fridge. I now live in a cozy one bedroom on the fourth floor, which has FIVE windows as opposed to ZERO, a very large private bathroom, and a precious little kitchen. I should soon be getting a desk set up in my living room and they're going to run an internet cable down there. Since it is normally rented out as private residence (it is where Ema was living until two weeks ago), there is currently not a connection to the office phone/internet, etc... They're kindly enough making exceptions for me: letting me live there rent free and letting me mooch off the office so I don't have to set up one month of interent service (though getting cable wouldn't be so bad).

I almost feel like I am taking advantage of them, but they offered, insisted actually, so I am considering it a blessing.

My camera is currently charging, but I have many pictures from the past few days' events, and will post them and give more detail when I get a chance (which will probably be this afternoon). I haven't yet taken any pictures of the new place because I want to wait until I get my desk set up in the living room (right now it looks a little empty- an entertainment center with nothing on it and a bookshelf with about four books and a CD case).

Until then, I'm going to church. Have a fabulous Sunday afternoon!

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