Friday, July 13, 2007

Random Thought on New Orleans Rap Music....

While at Yankee Stadium, I heard the song "This is the way I Live" by Baby Boy being played over the loudspeaker.

I being the country fan that I am, have never really been one to enjoy rap music. Seeing as how I went to a high school full of people that thoroughly enjoy the genre, I was quite exposed to it from about sixth grade on up. I mostly associate it with football season, because for some reason, it seems like that was the time of year I heard it the most.

I think it had something to do with the cheerleading bus.

This song in particular was a big hit on the local scene my senior year of high school. When I hear it, I am immediately drawn back to Friday nights, lights, after-parties, and Taco Bell.

So here I am, sitting in Yankee Stadium, enjoying a memorable experience, and along comes a song from another memorable part of my life. I turn to Ashely and I say, "This guy's from the Westbank, like me. He grew up about ten minutes from where I grew up." I just thought it was interesting.

Today again, Ema and I were driving to New Jersey and we were looking for a radio station, and somehow we got on the topic of New Orleans rap, and I brought up that song again. It was one of those few rap songs I ever actually liked. I don't know why, but something about it was catchy.

Then, tonight, I heard the song on a myspace profile, so I listend to the words. This was the national hit version, which is different from the local one (he also had a version about The Saints this past season- from what I can tell he doens't write new songs, he just keeps recycling the old one). In listening to the words, I realize that most of the song is about "reppin' the Westbank." He talks of working out at French Riviera Spa, and mentions Marrerro at least three times. I typically never listen to lyrics of rap songs, so I'd never noticed any of this before.

So it hits me, here I was, two weeks ago, in Yankee Stadium, and over the loudspeaker was playing a song about my little corner of the world.

Hows that for a small world?

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Anonymous said...

Hey girl what ya mean spreading the tale on me and my brush and comb.
Guess what today was your Moms first day, she was late, took over an hour for lunch and left at 1:30. Hows that for an employee. Oh well, I ask for it, better pray I find a new girl soon. She says she will do better tomorrow.

Lori said she sent you a message.

love you,
Ma Maw