Tuesday, August 7, 2007


It's so very strange to be in "The APT" by myself. I guess I will get used to it over time (though I still don't imagine that with three roomates I'll have an excessive amount of alone time in this place). Though I've spent alot of time in this place over the past two years, I've always been over here when every seat was taken, people are on the floor, and a few are standing in the kitchen. Now that I'll be living here, it's definitely going to be a different place for me. It's going to be a different place in general without all of its former inhabitants around.

I've spent most of the day being lazy. I spent the night at Laura's, then woke up really late, came home, and watched Rent. After finally deciding to be productive, I made my way over to campus to take in the Stately Oaks and Broad Magnolias while also taking care of business. I had a few things to work out, which I thought were worked out, but it looks like I've gotta go back tommorrow because I've got a question (and I've had enough experience of being on the phone for hours with the Bursar's office to know that calling them is not the efficient way to get an answer).

Watching Rent made me very sad, as I knew it would. You see, it is set in Alphabet City, the same neighborhood where Graffiti is located. I spent most of my summer ministering to and interacting with the people of that neighborhood. I terribly miss it.

I've gotten to catch up with a good many people since I've been here. Caitlin and I spent the afternoong together, which kept the apartment from feeling so lonely. I think though, that until I've gotten to see everyone and life gets back to normal, I will continue to wish I was in New York. I'm sure I'll always miss it, but it's going to be worse until I get too busy to notice it. For now, I'm longing for December.

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