Thursday, August 2, 2007

This is it

Tonight is my last night in the city.

I am trying not to be sad about this. I don't think it's fully hit me yet though.

Rather than looking at all of the things I'll miss, I'm trying to look at all of the things I am looking forward to upon my return to Louisiana. I get to see the family, I get to see the friends, I get to drive (!!!!!!), and I get to reunite with the great city that made me who I am.

Today was a sad day because I went to Graffiti for the last time. I didn't do much of anything but sit around and put off leaving. Theresa left without realizing that we never got to say goodbye, so I was pretty sad about that, but we had a nice over-the-phone goodbye. As Taylor kept saying, it's not goodbye, I'll be back in December.

I went to Carnegie Deli with the mission team. Surprisingly this is only the second time I've gone since I've been here, but it was definitely a nice way to say goodbye to the city. I then went to 34th street- which has become my place to go when I get bored or sad.

Now, I must pack....

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