Tuesday, August 14, 2007

The Most Isolated Tract of Land in the Continental United States

Having gone to the part of the world known as "Down the Road" at least once every month/two months for my entire life growing up, it has been very strange not to go there a single time since high school.

Today, I had to go down there to pick up my dad at the heliport, and it made me realize how very different my life has become.

Wayne Parent, my great and wonderful Louisiana Politics teacher, said in his book Inside the Carnival that "There is perhaps no other tract of land in the continental United States that is as isolated from civilization as the farthest reaches of south Plaquemines Parish." I always agreed with him, but after having gone there today, I realize just how completely true that statement is.

This area has always been cut off from the world, but now that it has been completely wiped off the map, yet again, and is being slowly rebuilt, it really feels like a forgotten island, an Alas Babylon of sorts. Coming off of a summer in the most concentrated place in the world, it almost felt like I was in a place I'd never been before. I felt like I had an entirely different perspective of this ever-so-familliar territory.

There really is no other place out there that can possibly be like Plaquemines Parish.