Saturday, May 30, 2009

"Start Spreadin' The News. I'm Leavin' Today"

Sitting in Louis Armstrong always makes for an interesting morning.

This one is even more so. 

This time around, I have no return flight booked.  I'm leaving "home" for the last time, and from now on, when I am here, it will be as a guest.  

This is all finally starting to hit me.  

I'm excited, thrilled really, so don't get me wrong, but there's a charm I'm going to miss here that I just don't get anywhere else.  (not to mention family, friends, etc...)

The comfort bubble is GONE from this point on.  No matter how much I convince myself that New York is within my comfort zone, I am giving up a lot to go.  Sacrifice is important, though.  I can't imagine not going at this point.  

So the next posts will be about my adventures BACK in the city.  For good. 

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