Friday, May 1, 2009

Thursday Night Love

I am going to miss my Thursday nights.  There are four of them left before the big move, and they are going to be the best I can possibly make them.

In college, Thursday night meant TNT, so I always made sure I had NOTHING productive to accomplish on a Thursday.  It was my night to spend with friends, watch movies, and try really hard not to think about all of the stressors affecting my life.  It worked wonders for my stress level.

I lost a little bit of it last semester when I had to babysit every Thursday, but I promised myself I would get it back. 

This semester, Thursday nights have been spent with Jessica.  She and I always make plans to do something that can only get our minds off of the real issues facing us.  I don't let myself worry about staying up too late, or being too stressed on Friday.  We usually go out for wine and cheese or something of the like.  Sometimes we go to dinner.  Sometimes, like last night, we simply sit the house and watch a movie.  It's wonderful, and necessary.  And I will miss it. 

I hope to continue this tradition somehow in New York.  For now, I'm going to make the most o the four Thursday nights with Jess that I have left before the big day.  Maybe I'll get to New York and find some great man to take me out on Thursday night dates...  until then, I have a date with Jess each and every Thursday.  Thank goodness for that! 

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