Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good Friends, Good Times

Since this time last year when Laura Little decided to puddle-hop her way down to St. Kitts, I have not gotten the quality time with her I so cherished when she was in Baton Rouge.  These occasional Skype chats and phone calls from random New Jersey numbers just aren't the same as kicking back with a glass of wine (hoping the pretty labels tell what's inside...), and enjoying a good conversation with a good friend.

In September, my awesome friend drove three hours to go have dinner with me for an hour, and then drove back.  She is that amazing.  

Last night, I drove to Baton Rouge to meet up with her.  When I was watching the Biel children last semester, their dad gave me a gift certificate to his restaurant, The Bonefish Grill.  Dinner for two up to 45 dollars.  I finally got to use it.  Laura and I went to the fancy establishment, and she, because she is awesome, covered the difference after the 45 dollars.  We had the best time I can remember having in Louisiana in a long time.  Crab cakes, juicy filet mignon, strawberry shortcake, and two glasses of the best white wine I've ever had....  so worth the drive.  

The best part though, was the amazing girl bonding time that I've missed so much.  So many nights Laura would come to my rescue when I was having a "girl moment," and just needed someone to eat ice cream with, and to tell me to stop being silly. My heart and my mind have a hard time communicating.  My mind knows a lot of practical things that my heart tends to have a problem accepting.  There's a short in the connection.  Laura, even if only briefly, always finds a way to connect them for me.  For some reason, she never fails to make me feel better.  

I have missed this.  I miss the good company.  Unfortunately, as much as I'd like to, I cannot afford to fly down to St. Kitts each time I have Laura withdrawals.  This only perpetuates the problem.  I know we are bound to live in separate places for pretty much the rest of our lives, but I have to say, it makes driving to Baton Rouge for dinner with a friend ever so sweet.  

To my Laura, what would I do without you? 

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