Monday, April 13, 2009

Airports See it All the Time

I am, once again, at Louis Armstrong at 5:30 am waiting to go visit my home-away-from-home.

Or, future home...  

That sounds better. 

I love airports.  Though I'm usually anxious to get on the plane and get some sleep (for these 6 am flights, I pull an all-nighter so as not to oversleep and miss the plane), I love watching the people.  Airports are especially interesting when you are going to JFK.  Such an airport is the gateway to the world.  I like to try and figure out the final destinations of the others on my flight.  Many times, they are not going to New York, rather, they are stopping in on their way somewhere exciting.  

Sometimes they are going home to a place they miss sweetly (something I will learn of soon).  Sometimes, they are going away to visit a dear friend (something I do all the time).  

I am getting ready to board, so I must keep this one short.  Farewell dear void. 

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