Monday, April 27, 2009

Less than five

I've never in my life thought five weeks seemed like such a long time.

When first considering the sudden move, I felt as though six weeks was the shortest time period possible.  Now that I'm ready to go, the remaining four weeks and five days feel like an eternity.  

I can't wait to step off the plane and realize that it I will be stepping off as a New York resident, no longer a frequent visitor.  Chills run down my spine just thinking of it.  I am excited, to say the least.  It blows my mind to think that, after all these years, I'm going.  No turning back. 

I will miss my friends down here, but when I think of all the things I miss in New York, I can't wait to be with them.  My New York friends are really under my skin.  For those of you who read this, please note that you are tremendously missed and I can't wait to be with you all the time.  We're almost there.  

I cannot wait to be at Graffiti every Sunday.  For the past two years, I thought of that church each Sunday, and dreamed of the day I could join them for good.  Even more exciting, I cannot wait to see how God uses this summer to shape my life.  As much work as I plan to do for him, I know he always seems to outdo me in terms of returns...  that is why he is God and I am not.  

It is super difficult to focus right now, knowing what I will be doing shortly.  Chelsea is good at helping me feel like I can quit :)  I thank her for this.  Each time I call, I ask "Can I move today?"  She always responds with a yes. Chris, on the other hand, likes to remind me that I have to stick around to get the paycheck so that I can afford to move... and that my kiddos still need to learn whether they want to or not. I don't like being reminded that I have to be responsible.  I want to be working with the youth, and being with my friends.  Not to mention all of the prep work I still have to do between now and then...  Truth is though, that is exactly why I need to be reminded. 

These next five weeks need to fly by.  This one is pretty jam-packed: Hornets game, Dinner with Laura Little, Jazz Fest, etc.... not to mention all of the events at school this week.  Despite that, this feels like the longest Monday ever.  

Please continue to pray that I can focus on finishing out the year properly, and getting these kids through the material they must get through.  Also pray that the funding would be available for me to get through the summer.  I'm doing a great job at being financially responsible right now, but the summer is when it must pay off.  

Also, pray for guidance in what I do with my life.  I like teaching, but I'm not so sure it is what I am supposed to do forever.  I would really like to work in ministry full time, but until I know that's a calling for me, I can't afford to jump into it without the money.  I have lots of loans to take care of.  

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