Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Testing Testing Testing

It's testing time, and in grand Worley fashion, this whole testing thing is EXTREMELY disorganized.  They want us to bring up their scores, but about ten minutes before we were supposed to start this morning, we realized we didn't have enough calculators for the students who were supposed to be using them during the test.

Due to such errors, along with kids not being in the right rooms, our test started over an hour and a half late, and now, it's one oclock, and my kids are still sitting in my room, watching a movie, and starving because we haven't taken them to lunch yet.  I've been giving them all the candy I have trying to keep them quiet and help them fulfill their hunger.  It is sad, very sad.  

Testing time is super boring, but it's pretty uneventful, and I have nothing stressful to do. No lessons to plan, no copies to make.  Just watch movies, color coloring sheets, and feed them lots of candy and popcorn.  Maybe once or twice we'll play a game. 

Anyway, I'm interested to see how this whole thing pans out, and after it's all done, it's Crescent City Classic time, as well as Easter with the family, and then NEW YORK.  Gosh I miss those people. 

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