Monday, January 12, 2009

Espresso Truffles and Good Friends Getting me through.

Most days fly by.  Really, mostly because it takes me so long to get my kids to settle into class that I don't have time to do anything productive and I feel like time has flown.

I have four manageable classes, and two that I want to throw from my third story window most of the time. 

I love these kids and this work, but I'm not so sure I can see myself doing it for the rest of my life. I am missing social work and ministry, and am trying to figure out if maybe I am supposed to be working with youth on a different level. 

I miss writing as well.  I miss it a lot.  

I am to stir-crazy for a job that requires being in the same place all day every day.  I feel trapped in this building.  I don't mind the work, but even though I am more productive when I am here, come 2:30, I'm running for the door.  

Prep work can come later.  

I don't know where I'd be in this city without Charlee, John, and Bethany.  I have run to all of them countless times already since I've been here.  They keep me sane.  I spend more money crossing that bridge than I've ever spent before.  Who knew you could need a toll tag just to afford a social life?  

Unlike last semester, I am actually finding that I can be more productive when I am sitting on my couch at home than I can when I am here.  Probably because, with my parents' schedules the way they are, I practically live alone.  

Really, I live in the same house with them and I went five days last week without seeing either one of them.  It's just the way it falls. My routine has established itself though, and I am thankful for it.  Not only has it established itself, but it has done so with room for running, and a social life.  Go figure! 

I also spend countless hours at Starbucks.  

This new unique stress level has also helped me to refocus in my relationship with Jesus, which is very important.  I am thankful for stress when that is the result. 

I'm also wearing a size 8 in pants for the first time since 6th grade.  Thank you stress....

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