Thursday, January 1, 2009

New Year, New Job, Etc...

2009 is upon us, and I can't seem to grasp the concept that this truly is going to be a NEW year for me.  I am starting a new phase and I have decisions to make and major changes to deal with.

In four days I will start my new job, and I am not so sure I am ready.  Readiness aside though, I am excited.  I needed change, badly, and this is going to be a big one.  

Getting a real paycheck is not so bad either.  

The last few days I've been in Atlanta enjoying my last LSU football experience as a "student." The circumstances of this trip have lead us to having a rough time.  Nonetheless, my Tigers won (finally), and by A LOT.  The good times have been quite good.  But we had some major kinks getting here and it's kinda thrown off the whole atmosphere. 

About thirty miles west of Atlanta, we got into a bit of an accident.  Okay, a big accident.  Cole rear ended Sarah's car on the interstate because all of the cars on said interstate decided to come to a complete stop at the bottom of a hill where three lanes merged to two. 

It was not a pretty sight. 

We are now in two different cars than we came to Atlanta in, and praying we make it home without any trouble.  Talk about going out with a bang!  I've been on about 15 football trips, and NEVER have we had any accidents.  Flat tires, yes, but major accidents, no.  Thankfully no one was really injured, though Kayleigh and I both have nice bruises :)  

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