Tuesday, January 6, 2009

So I'm Here, now what?

I am slightly less intimidated now that I am here.

There is not nearly as much that is demanded from me at this school in comparison to Westdale, and student-teaching. Things are much simpler.

Am I prepared for tomorrow? Absolutely not.

That said, apparently no teacher ever feels fully prepared, so I am not feeling so down about that.

I really have a whole lot to do today, including preparing a science lsson for TOMORROW. I was unable to do so yesterday since the teacher I am taking over for was not here and I have no idea where her students are in the curriculum. I spent all day getting history resources together, and have PLENTY do to for that class, but when it comes to science, I am at a loss. I have the Teacher's Edition of the book, and that is all.

Do I plan on being here ALL afternoon? Absolutely.

Everyone here is really nice, and they've all been super helpful in getting me prepared for what is to come this next semester. I am definitely nervous, but my fears are slightly calmed now that I have started getting things ready. My classroom still needs work, but I am broke so going to the Educator yesterday provided me with NOTHING on the budget I am working with until the first paycheck comes (which I think is not until next week).

I got to spend some time with Bethany yesterday, which was refreshing. I am looking forward to spending more time with her this semester. I miss my Baton Rouge friends, but now that I am realizing how many people I still have here, I am getting more excited about about being here than I already was. I already have plans for just about every night this week... and I thought I had no life in this city.

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