Sunday, August 16, 2009

I have the best life

My life is awesome.  Really.  Today I was stressed and hot and sweaty and gross most of the day (and all I did was go to church twice).  Even in the heat and stress, I was reminded of how amazingly blessed I am to have been called to a corner of the country that brings me such joy, or is it that I experience said joy because I'm following a calling?

I do a lot of walking these days.  There are a number of reasons for this. 

One: I am trying to get exercise.  I left my good sports bras dirty and sweaty hanging in the bathroom in Puerto Rico.  This prevents me from going on my daily runs, and seeing as how I am broke, I don't know when this problem will be fixed. 

That leads me to reason two.  

I am trying to avoid buying unlimited subway passes, which means I am trying to avoid using the subway at all. I walked to Graffiti today, and the time I got to talk to God and experience the streets of New York was worth the nasty sweat that covered my pretty blue shirt by the time I arrived on East 7th street. 

Again tonight, I decided to take a walk.  I went to church with my roommate on 22nd street in Chelsea.  After good teaching and great music, Cassy got on the train to go home, and I decided to walk to fourteenth street and do some thinking (and, I admit, some job hunting).  

Reason three for walking everywhere: the reflection time.  iPod in tow or sans iPod, depending upon the mood, there is something about strolling around the streets of New York that opens my brain to beautiful thoughts.  It gives me time to converse with my Lord, and learn from him.  I get to people watch.  I love it. 

Walking around today reminded me of how great my life is.  I cannot imagine being happier, despite being completely jobless and running low on money.  I am finally at a very content point in my life.  I'm pursuing my version of the American Dream: being a broke single woman in her early twenties who lives in a big city and somehow finds ways to fund unique experiences, all while serving the Lord and helping those around her.  

This is the life. 

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