Monday, August 31, 2009

Ups and Downs

I got a job at Barnes and Noble.

This is very exciting.  It is full-time, and after working 60 days, I am eligible for benefits.  Considering how much I loved my last Barnes and Noble job, I am very excited about working here in the city.  This location is in Downtown Brooklyn, right down the street from my favorite movie theater.  

That said, I was also very excited that I had started to line up tutoring clients.  At least two of the three of them seemed pretty legit, and were going to pay very well.  THEN I got the email I'd been dreading.  The one where it says "We sent you a check (yay), BUT, we sent it for the wrong amount and we need to you take out your share and wire us the rest of it." Or, as it should be better said "We're sorry, we don't need you to teach kids at all, we are in fact, trying to scam you into illegally sending us cash." 

I further researched this guy's email address only to find out he has no ties whatsoever to this agency.  

So now I'm back to square one with the tutoring stuff.  

Today, I am emailing the Transit Museum, who called me and told me to send them my information and resume because, even though they have just filled their education requirements for the fall, they are inevitably going to have more come up in the near future.  

This is very exciting for me.  Being a nerd, I LOVE that museum.  I pretty much read about the subways for fun...  (I found myself doing this for four hours yesterday).  SOOO, I would love the opportunity to work in their education department.  

For the few of you that read this, I ask that you continue to pray that tutoring jobs open up.  I have an interview with a legit agency here in the city tomorrow, and I would love it if that job could provide me with clients.  Thanks so much for your continued support.  

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