Saturday, August 8, 2009

Somewhere between New York City and Chicago

I love Chicago.

It's different. It's not what I expected it to be. It feels smaller than I had anticipated.

But I love Chicago.

As far as feeling like a turn-of-the-20th Century midwestern town, it's right on, and I love it for that reason. I haven't gotten to explore much at this point, but I am enjoying what I've experienced so far.

Most of all, I'm enjoying Jessica time. I miss mer a lot.

Last night, my new friend Tommy that I met in Puerto Rico (but lives here), took us out for a little bit of an insider perspective of things, as well as a great dinner. He and his friend Roy were lots of fun, and they've been here for a long time, so it was kinda neat to hear the stories they had.

We did lots of walking, talking, and drinking coffee.

Or in Jeopardy terms: What are Danielle's three favorite things to do in a big city?

After the dinner we had (which is at a place known for its large portions), it was nice to just stroll along the river and enjoy the city lights while getting to spend time with fantastic people. It reminded me of some nights I've had in New York this summer (most of which have involved frozen yogurt). The difference is, here, I'm exploring somewhere new, which makes it even sweeter.

On the flight over, I slept as always, except about forty-five minutes into the flight, I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep. This normally, would frustrate the heck out of me, seeing as how I prefer to sleep from takeoff to touchdown. This time though, I decided to have some quality God time. I was listening to a worship playlist on my iPod and really thinking about the words in some of those songs, and how lately, despite serving as a missionary and enjoying the heck out of it, I've been a bit stale in my relationship with him. It's been driving me nuts. On the plane though, I started to get it. I started to really see the things he's done in my life. I broke out my Bible and started reading. As someone who normally does this daily, it shouldn't seem like a big deal, but like I said, stale lately. Most of my recent Bible reading hasn't been with the heart I know I should have.

I normally always choose an aisle seat, but for some reason yesterday when I got on the plane (and Southwest lets you choose as you get on), I decided to sit by the window. I stared out over the view and thought of all the things I've been blessed with, and the experiences I've had, and I was reminded to stop feeling sorry for myself. I cannot imagine having a greater life. Why am I trying to dwell on the things I cannot control and make myself miserable, when I could just as easily be admiring the blessings and realizing what it is I have. Even some of the things I think I want in my life, when I really look at it, I don't have any need for right now. I should enjoy being young and single in a new city, and all of the opportunities that lie within that.

So my Chicago experience so far hasn't been tainted with any negativity, and I feel my stale period coming to an end (thank goodness!).

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